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Few people know more about identity theft than Brett Shannon Johnson, a convicted identity thief who was once on the Secret Service’s Most Wanted list. Johnson made millions developing online fraud techniques and creating two major online crime syndicates, before getting busted (several times) and spending more than six years behind bars.

Neal O’Farrell at the Identity Theft Council hopes everyone will follow Johnson’s advice. “If you’re not going to listen to a cop, listen to a robber." Read more at

Interview with Neal O'farrell and the Chicago Tribune, September 17th 2017 - O'Farrell said one of the biggest risks in the wake of the Equifax breach is that criminals know consumers are fixated on credit monitoring and freezes. Read more at the Chicago Tribune. 

Interview with Neal O'Farrell and, September 17 2017 - "Because of its convenience and because it was really the only individual identifier, particularly in the United States, it became quickly hijacked by the financial community as a way to determine who you are," O'Farrell said. "And therefore what your credit history is like and therefore how creditworthy you are." Read and listen to the entire interview on

September 11th 2017 - Last Friday I did an interview with CNN on the Equifax data breach, and they laughed when I said the reason we're not all victims of identity theft, given the amount of stolen information in circulation, might simply be that there just aren't enough thieves to go around. A couple of hours later BuzzFeed came to the same conclusion. Thought provoking, but not very reassuring. More from Buzzfeed.

September 8th 2017 - Credit bureau Equifax just announced what might be the worst data breach in history. Not just because of the number of people affected - 143 million so far – but because the crooks got their hands on the most prized information of all. The haul included names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

With that kind of information, victims could be victimized for life. More from CNN.

The entrepreneur who created the Silk Road underground dark web market in everything from illegal drugs to weapons and hacking tools had his life sentence upheld on appeal.

And while many thought that the harsh sentence was being used as a deterrence to others, it doesn't seem to have worked. The dark web is now bigger, stronger, and more popular than ever. More. 

Chipolte’s reputation just can’t catch a break. Just months after a spate of health scares severely damaged the restaurant’s reputation and value comes the news that hackers breached the point-of-sale systems at more than 2,000 of the firm’s stores. The hackers planted malware that stole credit and debit card numbers from an undisclosed number of customers. More.

As the security and privacy regulatory environment becomes more critical and complex for advisors, Kluwer launches a new portal to make navigation a little easier. Read more.

Experts have warned that hackers could increasingly target financial advice firms now retail banks are splurging on cyber security to protect customers’ cash. More.