The Gift of Peace of Mind

The Gift of Peace of Mind


Numerous studies over the last five years, from Gallup and Pew, to FICO and the Federal Trade Commission, have found that cybercrime and identity theft are amongst the top concerns and fears for consumers. Feared even more than terrorism, Ebola, death, and yes, even walking alone in the dark.

And hardly surprising. More than 60 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft in the last five years, and that crime alone is still claiming an average of 1 million new victims every 30 days.

And a Gallup study from October of 2018 found that a quarter of American households have fallen victim to cybercrime, including things like the theft of credit card numbers or other financial information.

Which might explain why another study from 2018, from employee benefits leader Unum, found that a quarter of employees rank identity protection as one of the most preferred company benefits or perks.

Those are just some of the reasons why we think a branded and customized edition of Double Trouble is the ideal perk for employees and gift for customers. A gift of peace of mind that will keep on giving. And a gift just made for sharing with others.

Our customization options include:

  • Logo and branding throughout.
  • A welcome message from your CEO or other key leaders.
  • Product and service profile pages.
  • Happy testimonials.
  • Calls to action and links to landing pages.


How Does The process Work?

It’s pretty simple.

  • We agree on what customization and branding you want. You can have up to five custom pages at the opening of the book to include things like a welcome message, team profiles, product and service overviews, customer or member testimonials etc.
  • We’ll also include your logo throughout the book.
  • Once all customization and branding have been agreed, your copy of the book is ready to go.
  • You’ll have a perpetual license to the book, meaning your customized edition of the book is yours to keep and share forever, no additional fees or costs.
  • If you want a regularly updated version of the book, we can provide that for a modest annual fee, typically 15% of the original cost.
  • You’re free to distribute the book any way you like – through your website, by email, on a USB or thumb drive, through partner websites, through newsletters etc.